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The Pilates Sports Center Channel is growing and evolving. It includes PSC's Teacher Training exercises, workouts and classes!
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Meet the Founders

Kelli Altounian and Dr. Andromeda Stevens, D.C.

The Pilates Sports Center partnership between Dr. Andromeda and Kelli spans 20 years and together they have created 14 Pilates and Fitness DVD’s, built an international, Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program and authored more than 25 workshops.  The Pilates Sports Center Channel is their latest endeavor to bring PSC education, workshops and workouts to the world so Pilates instructors and enthusiasts at home and abroad can enjoy the highest level of Pilates in every facet of their lives.

What our members are saying

Reviews by user across the country
Valerie Presburger

I love the ability to revisit specific exercises from Kelli’s teachers’ class and learn from her impeccable cueing.  Whether she goes over some basic exercises at a much deeper level, or takes them into fun, challenging variations, this site inspires me, deepens my knowledge of Pilates and helps me grow as an Instructor.

Layne Garner Pilates Director, The Claremont Club

Having the ability to look up a specific exercise so easily and quickly is so beneficial when really diving into the training and focusing  on certain items individually. It’s always fun and helpful to see someone so experienced teaching. Whether it’s for programming ideas, cueing verbiage and techniques, it’s always a great learning tool. It’s great knowing that I can study, review, or program my client’s workouts anywhere I am, and have access to these videos on my cell phone to help me do so.

Heather Froh/Heather Happel The Pilates Studio LLC, Wisconsin

We have been loving our Pilates Sports Center subscription!  It has been a wonderful tool for our teacher training students as a study aid.  I love that the exercises are all right there for them to go back to anytime they need a refresher.  As a Pilates trainer you are always working to increase your skills and education and the PSC subscription site helps students and trainers do just that.

Gina Izad
Gina Izad PSC graduate

As a former graduate of the PSC training program, I am thrilled to be able to access their Teacher Training Library. It has been nearly a decade since I was certified and being able to see each exercise broken down not only helps to reinforce the excellent education I received, but also reminds me of certain exercises and variations that had slipped off my radar. In addition, watching Kelli’s “Teacher Class” inspires me to keep exploring new possibilities. Thank you PSC for creating this extensive library. It’s helped me keep things fresh as an instructor and student!

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